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Advisory: Beware of Expired or Fake Plan B Pill

There has been a recent article circulating in the internet about expired or fake Plan B pill being sold in the global market. It is quite scary and unnerving, especially for the ladies who will be consuming this medicine.

And so, I made my own investigation and did the math myself.

If Plan B Pill retails around 50 USD to 60 USD from reputable suppliers in the USA, then the selling price here in the Philippines should NOT be in anyway below PHP3,000 - considering the ever-increasing exchange rate, sales tax, shipping cost and a little profit from Philippine resellers. But there are some resellers who are below that Selling Price. Can they be sourcing their Plan B supplies from unscrupulous suppliers? Or are they just selling to lose money?

To make sure that you are getting the RIGHT stuff, make sure to ask the right questions before making that purchase. Trust reputable suppliers only for your Plan B requirement.

Holy trinity to consider prior making that leap to purchase:

1. Your Plan B supplier should REPLY and REPLY FAST to all your inquiry

2. Accommodates all your question - prior, during and post purchase

3. Have Various Payment & Delivery Option. Or better yet, offers Cash on Delivery and Cash on Pick-up for customer convenience

4. Do extraordinary measures to satisfy their customers - from late night to early morning replies and even deliveries

5. Shows GENUINE concern to women

Although it should be highlighted that the fake or expired Plan b will not in anyway kill, you it is well unfortunately not effective. And isn't the reason why you would like to buy Plan B Pill is to reduce your chance of getting pregnant from the first place? And you would want it to be as effective as possible?

Perhaps savings those measly couple of pesos is not that worth it after all. Make sure to ask the right questions before making that purchase. Trust reputable suppliers only for your Plan B requirement!

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